Dancing Android Mascot Owns The Dancing Floor In Taiwan [VIDEO]

[April 6th, 2011 update: The Dancing Android video has now raked up over 2.2 million views on youtube in just 2 weeks!]

Google’s Android mobile platform just got some free publicity through a viral youtube video. At Sony Expera Arc cellphone stand in Taiwan, a life-size Android Mascot took the dance floor (in front of the cell phone stand in the mall), and owned it for a full 2 minutes!

The dancing android robot became an unlikely advocate for Google’s mobile platform, with the video going truly viral on youtube across the internet. Uploaded on March 20th, had already raked up over 500,000 views!

Check out the Dancing Android breaking a beat in this video. No-one still know who the dude (or chick) inside that Android Mascot suit is.

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