Want To Sign Documents Digitally From Anywhere In The World? There’s An App For That!

EasySign is an iPhone, iPad app that lets you digitally sign and date documents from any where in the world. Forget messy paper printouts, scans and faxes. Go green and digitally sign your documents from anywhere with EasySign App that is available on the iPhone and iPad for just $2.99 on the App Store.

EasySign v2.3 – the latest version of the app, has the following new features.

  1. Ability to support multiple signers up to 3 people on the same document
  2. Ability to support documents of image formats: jpeg, png, gif, bmp and tiff
  3. Customized color options for text such as name, initials, date and similar fields.
  4. Improved free hand signature capturing

and more!

Sunil Patro, the App Developer, talks candidly about EasySign

oObly caught up with the app developer Sunil Patro in San Francisco recently, and he spoke to us about what the app does and why he created it.

Sunil also created a killer video preview of the EasySign mobile app, check it out!

EasySign Mobile App Free Download Promo Codes.

You can get the EasySign mobile app from the app store for as little as 2.99$, but since we all like free stuff, Sunil has promised to give oObly fans promo codes that you can use to download the app forĀ  from the app store!

All you have to do is tweet the video link – http://bit.ly/dTgBnw – with @easysignmobile in your tweet and also be the first of 5 tweeps to do so.

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  1. hi sunil,
    nice application….
    hope you will be at par with giant software company owner

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