Apple Screws Up Your iPhone To Keep You Out Of It!

Gadget geek Kyle, who has runs – a website dedicated to gadget repair manuals with his partner Luke – laments that Apple has switched to a new tamper-resistant screw for the iPhone 4. This new fastener is in place to ensure that repair tools would be both rare and expensive!

The new screws, referred to as “Pentalobular” screws (in Appleā€™s service manuals) have a rounder shape, and five points instead of the tradition six in the standard screws (torx) that were widely in use until now.

Which Apple / Mac Devices Are Affected?

  • MacBook Pro battery fasteners (from mid-2009 on).
  • 2010 MacBook Air’s lower case
  • Many non-US iPhone 4 units have had smaller versions of all along.
  • All new U.S. units that have been shipping since the beginning of 2011.
apple iphone 4 pentalobe screws wierd new tamper resistent

Apple's New Pentalobular Screws For iPhone 4, Macbook Pro and Mac Air (photo source:

Kyle also warns that

…if you take your phone into Apple for any kind of service, they will sabotage it by replacing your screws with the new tamper-resistant screws

The Solution To Fix This “Problem”?

The creative guys at are selling a “iPhone 4 Liberation Kit” that will allow you to remove the Pentalobe screws and replace them with the industry standard PHILLIPS screws (handled #00 Phillips screwdriver). The kit sells for less than 10 dollars on their website.

(source: kyle at )

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